Shoot Out Cancer for Betsy Chamberlin


Pink targets line a local shooting range, in support of a nurse who’s going through what she calls the hardest year of her life.
In The Bushes Pistol and Archery Range in Joplin held a Shoot Out Cancer event for Betsy Chamberlin, a Joplin woman who is battling breast cancer.

Chamberlin was diagnosed in January, and her body has been completely resistant to all chemotherapy treatments.

Recently she had a double mastectomy.

Her insurance has not covered any of her medical expenses, so when her friend and owner of the range reached out to her to hold the benefit, she was overwhelmed with thankfulness.

“You know I cried, it’s going to be hard for me not to cry right now. You know you just you never know how much support you have until somebody messages you and says hey I’d like to throw a benefit for you and see if we can’t knock out some of those bills,” says Chamberlin.

This is the first benefit the recently opened range has held.

Owners say this is what their business is all about–creating a space where community members feel safe and supported.  

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