Shoal Creek Water Festival, Kids ShoeBox Boat Race at Wildcat Glades 2019


There are strict guidelines on what you can and cannot use to build your masterpiece

(WILDCAT GLADES) — The SHOEBOX BOAT RACE has strict guidelines on what materials you can use to create your masterpiece. Thank you everyone for coming and participating. CLICK here for the master list as you prepare you for 2020!


  • Boats failing to comply with construction rules will race but are not eligible for cash prizes.
  • Shoeboxes cannot be wider than 9 inches.
  • Shoeboxes must be made of cardboard — NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Shoeboxes only to be used as boat’s main structure.
  • Duct tape may only be used at seams and stress points. This is the only acceptable tape.
  • Cardboard tubes or rolled cardboard.
  • Water based one-part paint.
  • Elmer’s White or Wood Glue (or equivalent).

For the full list of rules and regulations CLICK here!


  • NO wood, metal or plastic materials used to build boat body.
  • NO cardboard materials that have been waxed, waterproof, sealed or reinforced or otherwise treated in manufacturing process.
  • NO substance harmful to the environment.
  • NO two-part paints (requiring hardener or catalyst, i.e.: no epoxy glue, resins or varnishes).
  • NO silicon, caulks, tar wax, Vaseline, polyurethane or other waterproofing agents.
  • NO staples, nails, clamps or foam core materials, including pool noodles or floaters


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