Sheriff Copeland announces retirement

“It’s time for me to retire,” said Sheriff Ken Copeland, Newton County. 
Not an easy decision to make for Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland.
“I’ve been blessed to have a career that I’ve enjoyed, that I wanted to do. I enjoyed coming to work every day,” said Sheriff Copeland. 
But that didn’t mean every day was easy.
“I’ve seen a lot of things, some of it was good, some of it was bad, some of it was horrible,” said Sheriff Copeland. 
Ken Copeland first started in law enforcement more than 40 years ago. 
“When I became a reserve officer in 1974, it was something to do. But then things changed over the years,” Sheriff Copeland explained. 
He spent 17 years at the Joplin Police Department and another 17 in Newton County, 12 of that as sheriff.
“When I first started, we didn’t have any computers in the cars. Our radios had a control button on it, on and off and that was about it. We didn’t have portable radios,” he said. 
Sheriff Copeland says he’ll always value the relationships he’s built with other law enforcement officers as well as with crime victims and their families.   
“Main thing I want to do is to thank the citizens of Newton County for their trust and confidence in me in allowing  me to have been their sheriff for the last 12 years,” said Sheriff Copeland. 
Copeland said that it was a tough decision to make. His last day on the job will be December 31st.

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