Sharing a Name With a Digital Assistant


If you like technology, chances are you use a digital assistant like Siri or Alexa. But what’s helpful for Tom, Jane, or Edward – can be frustrating for someone named Siri or Alexa.

“My name is Ceri Otero but I’m frequently called Siri,” says Ceri Otero.

So Ceri gets asked for a lot of advice.

“Sometimes ask me what the weather is going to be for the day,” says Otero.

Or a phone number or directions. That doesn’t keep her from using the virtual assistant – with some tweaks.

“At my house all of our Siri devices are not activated by saying Hey Siri and that was the first thing I had to teach my mom,” says Otero.

Siri is on phones and can pop up anywhere. Alexa on the Echo is more home based but can still cause problems.

“So my name is Elexa but it’s spelled with an E,” says Elexa Dagnan.

Most people assume it’s the same – so Elexa Dagnan’s first name is often misspelled.

“There’s really not much difference in how you say it so everyone thinks my name is the exact same,” says Elexa Dagnan.

For her, the jokes are about Alexa commands.

“A lot of Alexa, play AC/DC or whatever,” says Dagnan.

Which doesn’t bother her most of the time. It is an issue for her best friend.

“Every time my name came up or she ran plans by her parents to do with me, her house was like yes. And she was like yeah, we turned it off,” says Dagnan.

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