Share the Harvest program helping feed those in need


MISSOURI — Missouri hunters are helping feed the hungry.

Mike Cloud, President and Co-Owner, said, “The share the harvest meat is excellent. Its taken really good care of.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation and the Conservation Federation of Missouri are making sure no families go without this holiday season. Through the help of donations and food processors they are feeding needy families through the share the harvest program.

Francis Skalicky, Media Specialist Missouri Dept of Conservation, said, “Share the harvest allows hunters to continue their enjoyment of deer hunting even after maybe their freezer is full. They can take a deer and then they can donate it to share the harvest. So its a win for them because they get to enjoy hunting and obviously it’s a win for the family that gets the meat because they get healthy meat that they are in need of.”

Hunters can drop off deer to participating processing plants like Cloud’s Meat in Carthage.

“We talk about grass fed organic meat well this is the best of the best. Deer never gets a shot, never gets antibiotics they eat what’s out there. But they are just as naturally raised as can be and its really good for you,” said Cloud.

Cloud’s says the deer meat that is donated from hunters goes to Fairview Christian Church in Carthage. The church will then distribute the ground venison to families and food banks.

“We are very very picky on the share the harvest meat. Its gotta be fresh its got to have the hide on it. And because we want to keep it clean we want to skin it.”

Hunters can drop off deer for feed the harvest to Cloud’s Meats during business hours. For a list of other processing plants participating follow the link below.

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