A local golf resort has received high recognition.

It is the Shangri-la Resort Hotel located on Monkey Island. Shangri-La is recognized as the number 1 golf destination in Oklahoma by the Midwest Golfing Magazine.

“I think the last several years since they redid the course it’s become very very special,” says Greg Brasel, an avid golfer.

Greg Brasel has been golfing for 35 years on Monkey Island and says it is a great passion of his.

“Last week I shot the best score I’ve ever shot on this course I shot 76 playing champions two legends,” says Greg Brasel.

Director of Golf Rob Yanovitch, says it is a great honor for them to receive this recognition. Since the facility’s new ownership began in 2010, they have been working hard to enhance the resort’s amenities, making $65 million dollars in improvements to the resort. With the new ownership, they wanted to keep the tradition of the previous golf course while bringing in new elements with  a modern feel.

“New green complexes, white sand bunkers, same ones they use at Augusta national where the Masters played same kind of sand,” says Rob Yanovitch.

Yanovitch says their course is designed for beginner to advanced players. They also offer group lessons, clinics, stay and play packages, and daily packages.

“We’re one of the best courses in the region not only with the layout but with the condition as well,” says Rob Yanovitch.

Yanovitch adds they do ten minute tee times.

“So the golf spreads out when it’s on the golf course a lot of courses like us do 7 and 8 minute tee times, so it feel really crowded out there. We really want to have the lake relaxed feel so we expand that a little bit,” says Yanovitch.

Yanovitch says in the future they are looking to expand the facility. They hope to do this by adding a par 3 course or another 9 holes of golf.