JOPLIN, Mo. (KSNF) – Severe storms are trucking eastward through Oklahoma and Kansas as of 7:00pm Monday.

As the storms move east, they will start to lose a little steam. That means wind is our main threat in the Four State region.

Hail is a secondary threat, and it could be damaging.

As the storms congeal into a line segment, isolated tornadoes still can’t be ruled out.

These are usually quick, spin-up tornadoes on the edge of the line of storms.

We have received quite a bit of rainfall today, as well. A Flood Watch will be posted until Tuesday morning, as creeks and rivers may rise from 1-2 inches of additional rainfall.

We’re also paying attention to a second severe weather event later this week Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

We’re keeping track of it all on our Interactive Radar.