Several water rescues have occurred across the four states, but these can be prevented


Swift water rescues were made in many four state communities Monday night as well as Tuesday morning, and in some places, they may take place Wednesday too as area rivers crest.

That’s why public safety officials stress “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”, especially along rural roads. Carthage Fire Chief Roger Williams says not only does it put the driver and passenger’s lives at risk, it does the same thing to first responders.

“There are trees, there are fences, there are barbed wire fences and so forth all along these roads and it’s really pretty perilous for us to try and get in there and get you out, not saying we won’t do everything we can but you know think about and think about your own safety too,” says Roger Williams, Carthage Fire Chief.

Williams says it’s especially important to do that at night or when visibility is low. He says to think about the route you’re going to take before you take it, and if there are low water roads involved, take another route.

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