Several SEK High School Basketball teams have championship hopes dashed by cancellations


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — Earlier this month the coronavirus caused a stop to the high school basketball championships in Kansas, during the final four.

How did the teams handle this abrupt ending?

There were a lot of broken hearts after the state tournaments were stopped.

And it left the players wondering…What if?

Karma Fields, Frontenac Senior, said, “It was hard. It was heart-breaking honestly, and I think the hardest thing for me and a lot of the seniors is like, it’s a what would have happened, you know.”

It’s moment that every high school athlete dreams of playing for a state championship, but after the Lady Raiders survived a thrilling overtime victory, Coach Scott Fields received the news that their season was over.

Scott Fields, Frontenac Girls Basketball Head Coach, said, “We put them in a room, you could tell they kind of knew something was up, and, you know, it was tough to say, you know, ‘it’s over, it’s done. You know some of the girls kind of melted at that time.”

On the boy’s side, the Galena Bulldogs had punched their ticket to the Final Four a night earlier and had already started their preps when the news broke.

Matt Meyr, Galena Boys Basketball Head Coach, “You know we went from Wednesday night from the highest of highs, I mean, you know, first ever chance for our team to play in the Final Four, you know these kids have worked hard for four months to get that point, and, to get that phone call right after that was finished was, it was a tough one to take.”

However, in the darkest of times, both coaches knew what they needed to be for their teams.

“Our final thought was just, you know, here we were, we did everything that we could do we controlled all of the things we could control, you don’t know how the weekend would have played out, there’s four good teams left, but I know we would have left everything on the court,” said Fields.

“You know as coach, we just thank them for all their hard work, and tell them sorry as many times as we can, it’s just one of those weird things that happen that we can’t do anything about,” said Meyr.

And while this season may seem like it was stolen, Senior Karma Fields knows her community will always be there to back her.

“I am so blessed to be at Frontenac. I mean we have a great community, you know, we were all upset coming back, and we get to Shooters, you know the restaurant, and there are so many people there. Everyone starts telling us good job, you know supporting us, and it’s just a great feeling and a good end to such a sad weekend,” said Fields.

Currently the plan is for the final four teams in all classes to receive final four medals.

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