Seoul Tech University students call Pittsburg home for two weeks



Some students from South Korea will be calling Pittsburg home for the next few weeks.

Through a partnership with Seoul Tech University in South Korea, 28 business students will learn the ins and outs of American business through an immersive course offered at Pittsburg State.

The program was spearheaded by PSU Associate Professor Sang-Heui Lee, who hopes the experience will influence students to want to continue their education at Pitt State in the future. And while there are complications with learning new concepts in a different country, the students are very grateful for the experience.

“We’re only staying here like two weeks so, we’re just having a sneak peak of business. And rather than focusing on management or studies I’m trying to learn more language and experience something.”

Yonghon Choy, SeoulTech University Student

The students were also able to take some four state excursions like going kayaking, fishing and going to a Royals game. And the students add that even though the weather is a lot warmer than they expected, the great food here has made up for it.

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