Senior dog from Carthage gets national attention


CARTHAGE, Mo. — A dog from Southwest Missouri, trying to find a home, has gotten thousands of shares on the internet.

We find out why all the attention is on the Carthage Humane Society’s longest resident.

Renay Minshew, Carthage Humane Society Board President, “It’s been wild. We’ve never had anything go this big before.”

A simple post to Facebook this past Sunday was aimed at helping an 11-year-old dog named Ron find a home.

Renay Minshew, Carthage Humane Society Board President, “I was at home and I thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to put Ron on Facebook on our page, and it just blew up for some reason. I don’t know if it’s his soulful eyes or what.”

13,000 Shares, hundreds of comments, and millions of views later — Ron has captured the hearts from people across the nation.

Renay Minshew, Carthage Humane Society Board President, said, “People from Colorado, we’ve gotten people from Texas, we’ve gotten people from Illinois. We even had a guy from Japan that just sent a message just to see if Ron had found a home yet, because he had seen the post”

That’s a lot of attention for a small town animal adoption center — but a reminder about how difficult it is to find homes for senior dogs.

“I just want the best for him, but then I want that for all of them. I want that for all the animals. And there’s so many Rons. There’s Rons in every shelter across the country. So many Rons.”

He’d been at the Carthage Humane Society for exactly 8 months. He was picked up by animal control on August 2nd and had been the animal shelter’s longest resident.

Renay Minshew, Carthage Humane Society Board President, “He’s not great with other animals. He doesn’t do great with small kids, because he’s like an old grandpa, you know. He’s not up to all the excitement and everything else.”

But all that internet attention stardom worked. Ron — the 66 pound ball of pure love — found his new home Friday afternoon. He’ll be living out the rest of his days with his new human in Arkansas.

“It’s been phonomenal, the responses and the kind, kindnes that’s been shown, and the sweet, sweet thoughts that have been sent for Ron.”

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