Seneca works to increase school safety


SENECA, Mo. — A local school district adds an extra layer of protection when school is over and its time to pick-up the kids.

The Seneca School District is using a web system called Kid Account for the students in Pre-K through 6th grade.

It helps the school keep track of visitors leaving and entering the school.

If a guest walks through the front doors, they must check-in through the Kid Account program at the office.

The system IDs the guest, takes their picture, prints a badge, and run’s them through the sex offender registry.

When school is over and a parent picks up their child in a car, they will hold out a Kid Account Card for a teacher to scan.

This makes sure the student is going home with the right person.

Brandon Eggleston, Seneca R-7 Schools, said, “We’re always trying to think of things and trying to be proactive in ways that we can always sure up our security and sure up the processes and the procedures that we follow as a district.”

Freisttat Mutual Insurance is funding this web-base program for the next three years.

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