Seneca now has a 4 day school week


SENECA, Mo. — You can now add Seneca to the list of area school districts that have gone to a four-day school week.

Students and teachers are in class from 7:45 to 3:25 Tuesday through Friday every week.

Chas Lankford is a sophomore — and says the new schedule works great from him, because he’s active in sports, band and takes advanced placement classes.

“It gives me more time practice if I need to practice and so I can do that homework in that time and I have time focus on those activities when I’m doing them, it was great, I did my homework yesterday and got it all finished and had time throughout the day to get it all done,” said Chas Lankford, Seneca High School Sophomore.

“Plus it gives you time to spend with your family, so Saturday and Sunday can be devoted to family time and then Monday can be preparatory time for classes,” said Crystal Charles, Seneca High School Faculty

Charles is familiar with a four-day school week. She taught in the Pierce City School District, which has the same thing.

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