Seneca city leaders focused on pool replacement


SENECA, Mo. — A local community pool is in need of a major facelift.

Seneca city leaders say a pool that’s been in the community for years needs to be replaced.

Nick Whitehead, Mayor Pro-Tem, said, “It was built in 1978 and so it’s pretty much was on it’s last leg.”

Seneca city leaders say they need a new swimming pool.

Lori Scribner, Seneca Chamber of Commerce, said, “Just in the last couple of years it’s really gone downhill.”

The current pool has major problems including cracks in the foundation and needs to be replaced.

“We don’t have a lot of things for children here and it’s really a plus them. Primarily I think the kids, you know, keep them I guess you would say off the streets. Give them something to do in the summer time,” said Whitehead.

Whitehead says they are ready to put this issue on the April ballot by establishing a local parks sales tax.

“One half of one percent tax that will be for our parks and in hopes to build a new swimming pool.”

Whitehead says if voters do not approve the proposed sales tax, the city won’t have a pool.

“But most of the people I’ve talked to have talked pretty favorably of it of course no one wants pay higher taxes but being a sales tax, I don’t think it’ll be that much of a burden.”

“We expect it to generate approximately $100,000 a year and it will enable us to get the financing to do this project.”

Attaining a grant may seem like the simplest option, but the pool is located in a flood zone making that almost impossible.

“The city is doing what we can to improve that area and to get a nice pool. But it’s really going to fall on the community to support it,” said Scribner.

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