Senator Moran visits Southeast Kansas


KANSAS — United States Senator Jerry Moran was in Southeast Kansas Tuesday. One of his stops – Pittsburg.

Sen Jerry Moran, (R) Kansas, said, “People here were willing to solve a significant medical challenge for many Kansans, putting their own selves at risk.”

While he was home for the Easter weekend, U.S. Senator Jerry Moran traveled throughout Southeast Kansas. He stopped at Ascension Via Christi to thank hospital staff and government officials for their efforts fighting covid-19.

“Look around, there are people who are willing to sacrifice their lives, their wellbeing to care for other people, that should pull us together, and the health care providers in Southeast Kansas exemplify that.”

Moran thanks the community effort those counties have demonstrated, helping themselves and others around them.

Dr. Timothy Stebbins, Crawford County Health Officer, said, “Our counties work together pretty well already and during this response we’ve seen them come together even stronger.”

It’s thanks to these efforts from the communities, like those in Southeast Kansas, the whole state has been starting to see improvements.

“Businesses are open, restaurants are being utilized,” said Moran.

“That’s the success we want to see, we want to see our community doing better, being able to open quicker, being able to return to normal function,” said Stebbins.

While Moran and other officials are glad with how far Kansas has come, they still encourage citizens to help in those final hurdles.

“We as citizens can help these healthcare providers by getting vaccinated, make our communities safer, and we out to be encouragin people to get a shot in the arm,” said Moran.

“We haven’t crossed the finish line but we are approaching our goal,” said Stebbins.

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