Senate hopeful makes stop in SEK


KANSAS — A U.S. Senate hopeful is sharing her vision for the future with voters in Southeast Kansas.

Barbara Bollier, D, U.S. Sen. Candidate, said, “I’m Dr. Barbara Bollier and I’m a candidate for US Senate.”

Now the Democratic candidate to reaching out to voters in Pittsburg to talk about her priorities for the country.

“The number one issue that I’m hearing from Kansas is access to affordable healthcare. We know very clearly, in this state we haven’t expanded Medicaid.”

Bollier addressed tax policy and national spending trends as well as what Washington DC should do to help Kansas get through covid-19.

“That means making sure we have adequate funding for our schools, help with our small businesses. Making sure our farmers and ranchers are funded appropriately. Because all of us are struggling during this time.”

St. Rep. Monica Murnan urged voters to back Bollier, saying that she’s someone who takes an interest in southeast Kansas.

“Oftentimes people don’t recognize our strengths and I think it’s important when someone is willing to come to southeast Kansas. Listen to folks, talk to folks and make the effort,” said Murnan.

Bollier is running against Republican Dr. Roger Marshall and Libertarian Jason Buckley for a seat open due to the retirement of current Senator Pat Roberts.

Voters will decide the race in the November election.

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