Senate Bill 592 changes the way Missourians vote


Voting in a digital world is becoming a focus for Missouri elections.

It starts with a new law – also known as Senate Bill 592. There are a long list of tweaks to the system, including adding an email option for voters.

“We vote every time there’s an election,” says Russell Funk.

“I think it’s important that people get to the ballot,” says Funk.

And in Missouri, it’s getting a easier to take part in the voting process. Governor Mike Parson has signed Senate Bill 592, a measure that covers several election issues. That includes the option to request an absentee ballot through email. It’s an online choice that’s not part of the current system.

“You can walk in the office and fill out a form,” says Marilyn Baugh.

Or fax a request or through traditional mail. But even that can cause issues for example in a primary.

“You have to, to specify which party you want because if we get your form back and you haven’t, we’ll then send you a letter back stating ‘Sorry you didn’t tell us what ballot you want.’ So we have to wait until you tell us that,” says Baugh.

The changes don’t stop there. Keeping the vote safe is also in the spotlight with Missouri hosting the National Election Security Summit later this summer, looking at protecting election systems, crisis management, and election equipment security. It’s a process that comes a long way in the four decades Marilyn Baugh has been working elections.

“It’s so much quicker. It would go on to all hours of the night doing that. Now it’s so much quicker,” saus Baugh.

Missouri voters will go to the polls in less than four weeks in the August primary. They still have a few days left to register – that’s through Wednesday, July 11th.

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