Sen. Josh Hawley talks duck boat safety and affordable medication


Affordable medication and safety for duck boats are just a couple of priorities for a U.S. Senator this week – Republican Josh Hawley is sponsoring two new bills.

It starts with the Transparent Drug Pricing Act of 2019. Sen. Hawley wants drug pricing to be clear for patients and that they have the chance to shop for the best deal. “The goal is just basic fairness. I mean, big pharma has been charging Missouri families four and five times as much for basic prescription drugs as it charges people in Europe or in Canada.”

The measure would also ensure patients can compare costs through insurance versus out-of-pocket, which can be cheaper.

Sen. Hawley also plans to introduce legislation focusing on duck boat safety. “It says that duck boats have to abide by new security regulations that have been recommended by experts – new security measures that require extra flotation devices additional pumps in case that there is an emergency.” The proposed law would also address how duck boats operate when the weather goes south. Added Hawley, “My bill says that if there is severe weather, not just in the area, but predicted within a certain range the duck boats cannot operate this is a bill that will enact security measures recommended by experts for years and take a big step forward toward seeing we don’t have the same type of tragedy happen again that happened on Table Rock last year.” That was the sinking of a duck boat on table rock lake last summer that led to the drowning of 17 people amidst heavy winds and high waves.

Sen. Hawley expects to introduce that legislation later this week.

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