Sen. Bill White files legislation to increase funding for Missouri’s sheriff’s deputies


State Senator Bill White files legislation he says will help increase funding to Missouri’s sheriff’s deputies.

Senator White says the bill focuses on the fee paid when any summons, subpoena or other court documents are served. He says his bill would allow the local sheriff’s office to use that money to increase their office’s funds. He says while it may not be a large amount of money, it’s something the legislature can do to immediately put more money into public safety.

“We actually have some deputy sheriff’s in fourth class counties that are basically making minimum wage, because the counties are so poor they can’t afford to pay them much, and they don’t have great equipment. It’s a very worthwhile cause,” says White.

The bill has been introduced in the Senate, but still needs to go through committee hearings before it could be passed and sent to the House for further consideration.

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