SEK Recycling Center looks to match grant for new styrofoam processor


Keeping Southeast Kansas green isn’t an easy job, but it’s a meaningful one for a recycling company.

The Southeast Kansas Recycling Center recently was awarded a grant for a new styrofoam processor. But the issue is, they need to provide a $5,000 match for the grant, and that’s money they don’t have.

As commodity pricing continues to plummet, the longevity of the recycling center is unknown. And, being one of the only non-profit recycling centers in the Midwest, some are hoping they stick around for a while.

“We have a very dedicated customer base that does an excellent job of recycling — and that’s why we’re talking to the county,” explained Jim Triplett with the center. “I know they want to help, but they’re just like everybody else. They’ve got to make room in their budget if they’re going to be able to help. And they’ve got a tight budget just like we do.”

Another issue the organization faces is that they accept materials they often times can make no money for. Triplett says he would like to continue operating the organization under the premise of diverting any and all recyclable material from the landfill.

If you would like to help the organization by making a donation, you can give them a call at (620) 231-8930.

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