SEK community sees drop in crime


PARSONS, Ks. — Crime numbers from 2020 have been released by one Southeast Kansas community.

When it comes to major crime in Parsons, officials say it either stalled or in some cases, dropped. Police worked hard to handle cases, but they weren’t the only ones keeping the city safe.

Robert Spinks, Parsons Police Chief, said, “It really is the report for our stockholders.”

In its most recent annual report, the Parsons Police Department is seeing how the past year has impacted the community. While the world was in the middle of a pandemic, police still patrolled the streets to keep the city safe. During this time, they noticed a drop in a lot of their major crimes.

“Car deaths were down, burglaries were down, thefts were down, batteries were down, so that’s a great trend. We still saw a couple of more violent crimes than the year before, but totaled those are increases of one or two or three in those various categories.”

The department cleared those major cases left and right.

“We had 558 total arrests were made by the department, that doesn’t include traffic, these are people getting handcuffs placed on them.”

First responders have had difficulty filling positions, and the pandemic only made it harder. This makes these numbers even more important.

“The average law enforcement size in America is literally 25 officers, we have 26 on a good day when we’re fully staffed.”

But they can’t forget the community themselves. Whether it’s big or small, the crime tips they receive from the public can make or break some cases.

“The See It, Hear It, Report It process, it has led to arrests in a couple of our most recent robbery in town, which was solved in two hours.”

Helping them keep the city safe, one case at a time.

“We hope to continue to drive the felons either into jail or out of the four states area.”

If you would like to report a crime to the Parsons police, while major crime cases were down, the department did notice more than two thousand more dispatch calls this year than in 2019. This makes those upgrades, like those to their dispatch unit, extra important.

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