Security Footage Shows Person Sprint to Help Moments after Two Car Crash


Everyday Heroes: bystanders or witnesses, helping before EMS arrives

(WEBB CITY, Mo.) — Webb City Police Department tell us this was a two car crash shortly before 9:00 AM on Wednesday morning.

As we were wrapping up our coverage a local business told us what they had observed on their security cameras when the crash had occurred.

It shows a vehicle sitting and waiting at the light, obviously they witness the crash and then they

IN THE VIDEO: One car (green) in the crash travels south. Collision occurs off camera with a red car. Then you see the driver of a waiting car — in a moment — sprint across camera to help those just injured.

An everyday hero, person sprints to help moments after observing car crash.

We don’t know who it was that helped. But #JLN observes this all the time. Before EMS arrives? We call these people, everday heroes.

One female was transported to an area hospital, injuries are unknown but not thought to be life-threatening Webb City officers told us.

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