Second round of stimulus checks are going out


The second round of stimulus checks are going out, but with tax season just around the corner some are worried about paying taxes on the first stimulus check.

Last year’s $600 stimulus check was based off your 2018 income and tax return.

Tax preparers say you don’t need to worry about claiming your stimulus check on this years taxes because it was tax free.

Elizabeth Crane, Owner Of Liz’s Tax Service, says, “Last year’s stimulus check is not going to be taxable to people. So i think that especially brings a lot of people a big sigh of relief because we needed it and we needed it to be tax free as well. .”

If you didn’t receive your stimulus check its not too late.

You can reconcile it and claim it as a tax credit and get your stimulus check on this year’s taxes.

The tax filing deadline is April 15.

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