Second day of vote canvassing boosts Kobach’s lead


The second day of vote canvassing in Kansas boosts Kris Kobach’s lead in the Republican primary race for governor.

County Clerk Don Pyle says canvassing took a little longer than normal this year in Crawford County. However, he says the process went smoothly, with no major issues.

In the end, Jeff Colyer gained 17 votes in Crawford County, while Kris Kobach picked up 25. Pyle says one of the main items the canvassers discussed was 104 provisional ballots that had to be counted.

In the end, the canvassers decided to count 73 of those, and set the other 31 aside for various reasons.

“Several of them were just people who weren’t registered to vote, but wanted to show up and vote at this election. They weren’t in our poll books, so we had them vote a provisional ballot, That gives us a chance to check our records, make sure there wasn’t a problem with a a late voter registration,” says Don Pyle.

Pyle says another issue they ran into was people trying to switch parties on election day, which is prohibited by state law. The latest results from the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office show Colyer with 127,890 votes and Kobach with 128,210 votes. That gives Kobach a 320 vote lead.

Either candidate has until Friday to request a recount. Canvassing continues through next Monday.

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