Search continues for missing Miami man


The search continues for missing 61 year old Mark Rogers of Miami.

Law enforcement officials have been exploring all options including looking into a potential lead Rogers went to visit a friend in Texas. That lead came up empty with Rogers not being found there. So, within the past few weeks investigations have expanded.

Martha Dlallago is one of many community members giving her time searching for 61 year old missing Miami man Mark Rogers. Rogers has been missing since the 26th of December after disappearing from the mental facility “Laris Res Care” in Langely. Martha worked with him at the Miami News Record.

“He was just a wonderful person to work around and be with. I really enjoyed it and so we are all wanting to find him and bring him home,” says Martha Dlallago.

Martha says searching for Rogers is the least she can do….

“He would have done the same for me if this would have been me,” says Dlallago.

Investigators have been utilizing many efforts to find him, however this week members of the Rogers family reached out to Oklahoma Emergency Response Team, or OKERT, for additional assistance. They are currently the only group conducting ground searches for Rogers. Other enforcement have been utilizing air patrol. OKERT is filled with trained emergency responding officers and they have many community members like Martha assisting with the search as well.

“The first day they were able to  do 60 acres and we were able to run a dog across that to make sure there was nothing there. Yesterday again was coordinating with home owners trying to see if home owners had cameras on their homes or things like that different things to access to see,” says Rick Aldridge, Director of the Oklahoma Emergency Response Team.

Aldridge adds OKERT plans to continue their efforts in the next few weeks by expanding their search reaching at least a 5 mile radius. The team is working to keep high hopes of finding out what happened to Rogers.

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