A Southeast Kansas school is helping to determine the future of education in the Sunflower State.

The Coffeyville School District is one of seven districts in the state chosen to participate in the state Department of Education’s school redesign program. This program focuses on creating new ways to teach 21st century ideas to students, better preparing them for life after school. To be eligible to participate, schools had to have the support of 80% of teachers in the district, a letter of support from the local teachers union, support from the school board and demonstrate that they are already using innovative classroom methods. Officials with the state department of education say the standards were set high because of the impact these schools will have on the future.

“What we hope to document from the work of these seven districts, 14 schools, is to create kind of a blue print for other districts and schools to follow when it’s their turn to redesign,” says Kansas State Department of Education Elementary Redesign Specialist Tammy Mitchell,

Coffeyville is the only district in southeast Kansas chosen for the redesign program. Teachers and administrators meet each Tuesday as part of the program, with Department of Education experts present every two weeks.