School Choice


Would you send your kids to a private school if you could get vouchers to help you afford it? That’s a question that comes up each year at this time.

Students in the College Heights Christian School High School choir are doing some last minute fine tuning of songs they’ll be performing in Jefferson City on Thursday as part of the Missouri rally for National School Choice Week. The purpose of school choice week is to celebrate all the K-12 options for students, including traditional public, charter and magnet schools, as well as private schools and homeschooling.

But say the term “school choice” and many people think of using government money to help subsidize the cost of parents sending their kids to religious schools. And secondary principal Daniel Lewis supports that concept.

“FAFSA money, which is federal income, goes to private institutions already so it’s not a violation of the First Amendment to do that and so to me it just makes sense to provide younger students that same opportunity,” says Daniel Lewis.

Public school districts like Joplin don’t support using tax money to subsidize private schools, but Gilbreth says if it’s the physical setting of a public school parents object to, the district offers another option.

“We have a great deal of offerings that students may not have the option to get in a smaller setting, There are some perimeters around that but it’s like virtual school but we have a program that allows that allows kids to do that,” says Dr. Stephen Gilbreth.

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