Scholarship for Students at MSSU


An area University wants to attract and then keep good teachers with the help of a financial gift. 
Robert Corley has been a driving financial force for MSSU in the past and has again stepped up to the plate to support the university.

In this case, he and several other donors have made contributions that have allowed the school to offer a professorship endowment to recruit and retain marketing professors.
Kevin Greim, MSSU Assoc. V.P. for Development says, “We leaned on a vary generous donor of ours, Mr. Corley, who has time and again stepped forward and helped us with certain projects and we said would you get us started on this endowment, he did in generous fashion and we had five other businesses and individuals step forward to support this project and they completed it at a 4 hundred thousand dollar endowment”

Corley auditorium, located inside Webster Hall is named in Corley’s honor.

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