Scammers continue to use gift cards in thefts


JOPLIN, Mo. — Gift cards can be an ideal option when you don’t know what specific present to buy someone for Christmas. But a new scam involving them can leave you with nothing to show for your purchase.

John Motazedi, with SNC Squared, says e-mails, phone calls or text messages are being sent to Joplin area residents. Those messages asks potential victims to buy a gift card and then give the information off that card in return for deep discounts on more expensive items.

John Motazedi, C.E.O., SNC Squared, said, “And then enter those numbers either on the phone while you’re talking to the scammer or actually on a website, what happens immediately is they’ll get access to the full funds available on that card and they’ll empty the card and there is really no recourse at all about that.”

He says the ads look like they’re being sent from legit retailers like Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart. In some cases, he says they’ll ask you to pay for the gift cards through pay pal. He says a red flag should come up anytime someone’s asking you to buy a gift card through a third party.

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