Sarcoxie students learn the dangers of drunk driving during mock wreck


A local school is working to make sure its students know the impact of the harsh realities of distracted driving.

A mock wreck for students to participate in and witness was set up at Sarcoxie High School today. I spoke with the high school’s counselor who says the school does this every few years just before prom as a reminder for students to get to and from the special event safely.

“It really does make it more real, whenever we are put in an actual situation that can happen,” says Nicole Robinson.

Sarcoxie senior, Nicole Robinson, is referring to her high school’s mock wreck in which she played a victim at the scene. This car accident involved staging 3 vehicles filled with student drivers. 

“We are driving we are turning into the school and this car is taking a selfie and they run into us and then I am one of the more serious injured persons,” says Robinson.

The experience is eye-opening for Robinson and she says she’ll now think twice about the decisions she makes behind the wheel. 

“I’m definitely not going to be texting and driving or taking selfies or anything like that because I can see what can actually happen,” says Robinson.

The high school partnered with several agencies to make this program come to life for its students. Sarcoxie assistant fire chief, Jim Acheson, is in charge of the event and has been doing it since the school first launched the program.

“There has been several students that have told me that it’s really opened their eyes and it’s really changed the way they think and what they do when they are driving they are a lot more cautious and careful,” says Jim Acheson.

And without community support, he says this event could not happen. 

“It makes us feel real good to know that there’s other people out there that are willing to help our students,” says Acheson.

After the mock wreck students went inside for an assembly with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. This allowed the students to get more information on the impact of drinking and driving. Makeup for the students during the mock crash was provided by MoulageByMae, LLC.

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