Sarcoxie School District talks suicide prevention training with national expert


Chris “Shoof” Scheufele left his job as a music teacher for ten years to travel the country speaking to schools about bullying.

As an educator, he noticed typical anti-bullying tactics weren’t necessarily working, so a new approach was needed.

He says rumors, name-calling, and exclusion can happen anywhere, so solving issues early-on can prevent them from blowing up into something bigger.

Sarcoxie leaders are thankful for the lesson everyone is learning.

“Give them some techniques, some advice on maybe how to interact with each other in a positive manner, and if there is a situation, to use those techniques to help them out and be successful,” explained principal Phil Lewis.

“It’s seeing the ‘a-ha’ moments and seeing some of the lives transformed,” Scheufele added. “Getting the emails, getting the phone calls six months after I’m at a school and hearing the success stories of the students who have implemented what I teach.”

Schuefele also got a chance to speak with Sarcoxie parents Thursday night about the role they can play in preventing bullying.

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