Sarcoxie High School lends help area outreach


SARCOXIE, Mo. — Sarcoxie High School students lend a helping hand to the Freedom Christian Fellowship Outreach Center.

Janice Craig Director of Community Outreach, said, “Oh they just carried box after box after box.”

Sarcoxie students from trick or treat so others can eat, FFA, and FCCLA donated 800 pounds of food to the Freedom Christian Fellowship Outreach Center.

“Very very grateful. Cause we were-we were— our shelves were bare we were having to buy everything at this point so they do it every year for us and uh every year it’s a blessing.”

The school’s help relieves some stress on the outreach center. Most needs vary from house fires and financial trouble.

“Now with what we’ve— they’ve brought in we probably don’t have to buy any can goods until Spring. We can get through the Winter. So that’ll be great.”

They also gave the organization 20 blankets, 135 pairs of socks, and used a $300 grant to donate Christmas hams.

Emily Meyer 12 grade, said, “I feel very thankful that I get to help the community. Those people that are in need of things the food and the crisis center very helpful for our community for those people that are in need.”

People that come to get food donations will have enough food to last them a week.

Tim Masteller, Sarcoxie Resident, said, “I’m glad that somebody’s helping the need out. It’s very cool. I’m blessed that somebody’s helping.”

Teachers hope that kids will learn from this experience.

Ugene Meyer, FFA Teacher, said, “Teaching the younger people to give to the other people that maybe aren’t as fortunate so cause so many times like in today’s society it’s more of a me society. What can I do for me do for other people.”

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