Salvation Army surpasses financial goal with Red Kettle campaign


The Salvation Army in Joplin has surpassed a financial goal for its Red Kettle campaign. It means that the Salvation Army can keep on doing what they can for those in need.

“For the first time since 2012 we have made our Christmas goal with the help of everyone in the community that has given. Whether it’s a volunteer that rang at the bells at the kettle sites or if it was somebody that sent in a donation,” says Maj. Beckie Stearns, Salvation Army director.

The initial goal was set at two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars dollars, but the community was able to give more.

“We made just over two hundred and sixty thousand,” says Maj. Beckie Stearns.

This money is a large part of their budget for 2019 and helps pay for a lot of the services they provide to those in need.

“All year long we help people with…We have a feeding program that’s feeding right now over 5,000 meals a month. We have the rent and utilities, and medical and ID’s and everything like that. We do food boxes for seniors once a month. So we do a lot of different things all year long,” says Maj. Stearns.

In year’s past when they came up short on their goal they had to tighten their belts in other areas like cutting positions and repurposing their overnight shelter.

“Well it makes you work a little leaner, less people have to add more stuff to fill those possessions that are no longer there,” says Debra Gaskill, Emergency Social Services Case Worker.

However if the organization can continue to meet their goals over the next few years, maybe a few programs can comeback.

“It made an impact on our community when we didn’t reach our goal, because we couldn’t offer as many services, we didn’t have overnight shelter any longer. So making it, and you know if we continue to make it maybe some things can comeback,” says Debra Gaskill.

Last month an anonymous donor gave ten thousand dollars and issued a challenge to the public to match their contribution which helped the Salvation Army meet its goal. The staff at the Salvation Army said they are very thankful for everyone who helped them surpass their goal whether they gave a large donation or just a few bucks.

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