Salvation Army continues to help those affected by Joplin tornado


It’s been seven and a half years since the May 22nd, 2011 tornado struck and devastated the Joplin area. But there are still many residents that are trying to get back to where they were before it happened, from a financial and physical standpoint.

A case worker with the Salvation Army of Joplin is still working with a host of residents for that very purpose. One of them is Erika Masteller who was having trouble making mortgage payments on her new home.

“The burden was heavy, I couldn’t focus on my kids on everything else I was trying to do and get my house back in order for my children to come home and they they paid that for me and really blessed me, just lifted a weight off me that was just unreal,” says Erika Masteller.

“Some things we’ve helped with, I’ve helped with some home repairs, we’ve helped some people who were struggling to pay like some mortgage payment or some rent, I’ve helped some clients with medical issues. Actually there’s another gentleman that comes to mind and he’s had his car for almost the past 8 years and we’re still hoping to keep that car running,” says Tammie Davis, Tornado Recovery Case Manager.

People from all over the state of Missouri, as well as the country, contributed money to the Salvation Army for that purpose. Although they won’t disclose how much money was collected, Davis says only about 10 percent of that figure has been given out.

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