JOPLIN, Mo. — Saint Mary’s Catholic Church is working to preserve a symbol of hope that was left standing after the tornado.

Saturday, Saint Mary’s Catholic Church held a prayer service at the cross near near 25th Street and Byers Avenue.

This summer the church is starting landscaping projects around the Saint Mary’s cross .

Last fall the church put in a permanent pedestal around the cross.

The church wanted to make a location where visitors feel comfortable visiting and praying.

Father Joe Weidenbenner, Pastor At St. Mary’s Catholic Church, says, “I think its like every step you take after you experience a tornado or any kind of disaster in your life or upheaval it brings some healing. It brings some sense of peace to a lot of people. Hopefully it will bring it to everybody from Joplin as we share it together.”

They hope to start the projects later this summer and complete it within the next year.