Safety tips for heating your home in winter weather


Before those cold, winter temperatures blast the Four States, homeowners can take some extra precautions now to keep themselves safe.

Local firefighters are reminding the community about winter heating safety. They say you should always check your flue on wood stoves. And, firefighters advise, while some are using space heaters primary heat, they should only be used for secondary heat. When using these devices, make sure you keep stuff away from it and check to make sure the electrical cords are not frayed.

Additionally, always makes sure children are nowhere near a space heater.

“Make sure you always have a smoke detector in any home in every room if you can,” explained Fort Scott Fire Chief Paul Ballou. “But, bedrooms for sure and make sure –especially if you are using a ventless or gas heating system — always make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in there.”

Ballou says he wants people to know space heaters have been tested, so they are safe to use when properly operated. But, you shouldn’t abuse them and always keep an eye on them.

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