Saddling Up: 100-year-old Lamar woman to lead town parade on horse


“They put me on the back of the horse,” explained equestrian rider June French.

French is a Lamar native who grew up during the Great Depression. And, she says horses were a way of life for her.

“In my high school years, there still weren’t any school buses and I rode a horse to school,” French continued. “It was about six miles one way and it was an everyday thing, rain or shine.”

Her favorite horse was a Tennessee Walker and rode him for 25 years, seeing most of the country.

“Let’s see, in the Allegheny Mountains, on the East Coast, and as far as Ruidoso, New Mexico and westward,” said French.

Turning one hundred years old on June 27th hasn’t stopped june one bit. She makes sure to stay active every day, even if she isn’t riding horses.

“I really think keeping moving is what kept me moving,” explained French. “I used to down in Brownsville, Texas, and when I was down there, I had a fitness class and I still do exercises every day.”

June has ridden in many parades, so at her 100th birthday party, Lamar’s mayor paid her a visit for a special request.

“Kent Harris was there and he said, ‘I’m going to talk to Rotary and see about you leading the parade this year,'” said French.

June is so excited to lead the free Lamar Fair parade. She can be seen next Saturday, August 24th, at 2 pm on the town square.

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