Rural areas in Crawford County have issues accessing broadband internet

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Having access to broadband internet has been a ongoing issue in Crawford County, especially in rural areas. 

Broadband, or high-speed internet has changed from being a luxury to almost being a necessity. Whether you manage a business, go to school, or work, having a reliable connection to the internet is crucial. Crawford County commissioners say while there is much to be done to ensure those living in incorporated areas can get online, they are looking to exhaust all of their cost effective resources before making a final decision.

“This kind of thing, like building out internet infrastructure, that initial cost is huge. You’re talking hundreds of millions dollars to do it in like a comprehensive way to provide those services and we don’t have that,” says Jeremy Johnson, Crawford County Commissioner.

Right now, Crawford County residents that live in rural areas have to depend on satellite for their internet access. However if the weather isn’t clear, it can jeopardize your chances of a fast internet connection. Johnson says he has been talking with Craw-Kan, a major internet supplier in Kansas, on the possibility of bring their services to less populated areas.

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