Rules and regulations for hunting you need to know before getting in the stand


Modern gun hunting season opens tomorrow morning, but before you hop in the deer stand, there are some things you need to know. Not only is safety a high priority when hunting, there’s also some rules you need to follow and if you don’t there could be legal ramifications.

The Missouri Department of Conservation requires that anyone hunting wear an orange vest and an orange hat. Not wearing this could result in a ticket or fine. Before using your gun, be sure to look it over and make sure the safety is in proper working condition as well as the gun itself. Also make sure to check all equipment for the deer stand, climbing gear as well as the stand.

Jarid Wilkinson, Conservation Agent: “We will be patrolling the assigned counties that we’re in, taking phone calls as they come in. We’ll also be dealing with multiple issues from trespassing to baiting violations. Like if someone has corn out in front of their stand like they’re not supposed to things like that and just routine things around the county.”

New this year anyone who harvests a deer in a chronic wasting disease management zone like Barry, Dade or Cedar must get their deer checked. There are inspection locations for each county that the hunter will be required to go to.

We have the list of those locations here.

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