Rob Corn, son of Missouri Hall of Fame coach retires from Charlie’s Chicken after 15 years


JOPLIN, Mo. — In tonight’s “Dose of Good News” — imagine being 36 years old and retiring.

Rob Corn — the eldest son of Cindy and Hall of Fame basketball coaching legend, Robert Lewis Corn — doesn’t have to imagine. As of 2 o’clock this afternoon — it became reality.

Quite the outpouring of love and support, today, at Charlie’s Chicken in Joplin. You see, that’s where Rob Corn has called work — one of his homes away from home, really — for the past 15 years.

“Is that kind of hard to believe? Yes. Yeah? Yes? But it’s been fun? Yes. I’ve been happy. Very happy,” said Rob Corn.

After 32 years, the Corns are leaving Joplin — their youngest son, Scott, is an actor who lives in New York. Robert, Cindy and Rob are moving just outside of Atlanta to be closer to family. It’s definitely bittersweet.

“You know, anytime you’ve been in one place for as long as we have, you know, you made a lot of connections, made a lot of great friends and stuff, so it’s going to be a change, but it’s one that we’re looking forward to,” said Robert Corn, Rob’s Father and Missouri Hall of Fame Basketball Coach.

Robert — the winningest head coach in Missouri Southern basketball history — stepped away from the sidelines in 2014 and officially retired from the university in 2019. Rob’s work on the sidelines, his first home away from home, started with dad and continued with Jeff Boschee.

After 20 years, it unfortunately came to an end during the pandemic. Perhaps no one has ever perfected the role of water boy, team manager, constant source of encouragement and post-game celebratory dance aficionado as Rob. He was also always really polite.

“Excuse me, Mike Olmstead,” said Rob Corn.

“He’s just really, really, just an awesome guy to have here, so it’s kind of sad to see him leave, but also exciting to see what other kind of adventures he can go on,” said Diana Olvera, Charlie’s Chicken Manager.

“The thing I look at is every day when we drop Rob off, he’s happy. Every day when we come to pick him up, he’s happy. And, you know, as a parent, that means the world to you,” said Robert Corn.

Rob Corn is also part of something pretty cool. He, his dad — and Tom and Kyle Rutledge — the only father-son duos in the Missouri Southern “Athletics Hall of Fame.”

By the way, a special retirement ceremony at Southern for Rob will take place on February 12th.

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