Review underway to determine what led to death of JHS football player


JOPLIN—“I got a few messages of people asking me what was going on – I’m usually one of the first to know,” explained Joplin student Faron Haase.

Haase was quick to learn that was the passing of Kadin Roberts-Day.

He remembers the 16-year-old as a bright student with a caring and bold personality.

“It’s really heartbreaking and sad – but it really bring everybody together,” Haase added.

Counselors responded immediately – both Wednesday night and during the school day.

It was a chance for students to grieve even while school leaders decide how best to move forward.

Football practice was toned down from a normal Thursday.

And, school leaders are emphasizing they will continue to make athlete safety a priority.

“In order to be eligible to play sports in Missouri, they have to have an annual physical,” said principal Dr. Steve Gilbreth.

Even that Wednesday practice where the incident happened had been moved inside, a precaution against high temperatures.

“Coaches felt like it was too hot to be outside,” Gilbreth added.

The Jasper County coroner calls the death ‘an unfortunate natural occurance,’ pointing to asthma and cardiac arrest.

And, medical experts say it’s the kind of incident that is extremely rare–just one in 50,000 high school athletes.

“Most commonly, the sudden cardiac events are due to hypertrophic myopathy or dilated heart or possibly a congenital abnormality in the vascular supply,” explained Dr. Laura Rosch with KCU Joplin.

Roberts-Day collapsed at that indoor practice Wednesday night. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment but medical personnel were unable to revive him.

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