Restoration Life Center offers “hand up” instead of handouts


NEOSHO, Mo. — A southwest Missouri ministry is offering a hand up instead of a hand out when it comes to the homeless.

The Restoration Life Center in Neosho is a shelter for as many as 32 homeless men, women and children.

The ministry has been operating since 1988 but has been adding more services as well as housing capacity with each passing year.

Before someone will be allowed to stay at the facility, they must first pass a drug screen and background check.

As part of the program, residents are allowed to stay for a month while they look for full time employment.

Once that goal is achieved, they can stay in the shelter for as long as a year as they get ready to go back out on their own.

Karen Sprenkle, Executive Director of Restoration Life Center says, “We write down their schedules and we go with them daily. One of our problems is we don’t have transportation so we rely on people from the community or us as employees to to take them.”

Mr. Carter, center resident, says, “But this shelter, unlike other shelters, is linked to a thrift shop where you will work there in recompense for staying at the shelter, and that’s only right and there’s such hospitality here you know, these people need to be recognized.”

If you’d like to volunteer at the Restoration Life Center Shelter, provide transportation for residents to work, or even donate money to the facility, you are asked to call 417-455-9393 for more information.

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