A volunteer organization is upgrading houses to try to beautify a Southwest Missouri city.

Restoration Carthage was established three years ago through the Vision Carthage Committee.

“We wanted to beautify the town a little bit and just kind of take it block by block and help people with the exterior of the home,” says Abi Almandinger, project coordinator. 

The organizations offers these services to local residents. 

“Maybe they just need to have their house power-washed or they have some trash, you know, to be cleaned up, maybe a little bit of landscaping, that type of thing just to help try to beautify their area,” says Abi Almandinger.

“If we can help somebody else beautify their yard one at a time, I’m all for it,” says Bryan Stringer.

Volunteer Bryan Stringer likes to improve homes of people who are not able to do so themselves.  

“Painting the older homes, a lot of them are owned by people that don’t have the ability to get up and paint them themselves and they don’t have the finances to take care of it through somebody else like a painting company. So, just to go out there and help them,” says Bryan Stringer.

The project has received a warm response from homeowners. 

“A lot of people didn’t believe that we were doing this project for free. It kind of unified the block as well. A lot of people didn’t know each other. They’re a lot of elderly people, people with young families, single people, and they just needed somebody to come along side and just give them some guidance,” says Abi Almandinger.

Anyone wanting to volunteer or in need of repairs should call 417-793-6589.