Residents Start Petition to Remove Joplin Councilman

JOPLIN, MO. - A few Joplin residents have formed a petition to recall councilman Phil Stinnett from his seat.

Joplin resident Steve Urie says this is a last resort to let council know they're serious.

He's just filed the petition with the city clerk. 

He's sent it to the city for final wording and expects to get the official document back tomorrow.

As far as procedure for a recall, the document needs 20 percent of the voters from the last regular municipal election to sign.

Once this amount has been reached the document needs to be verified. 

Then, without delay, the clerk will submit it to council and at the next meeting council will call an election to be held at the next election date provided by state law.

Urie says he'll be at the Joplin Public Library starting Wednesday morning at 10 and stay until 1 P.M.

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