Residents react to Briarbrook tornado damage


After multiple possible tornadoes touched down throughout Jasper County, the Briarbrook neighborhood is one of the hardest hit.

Authorities have assessed damages and there are no reports of injures or fatalities. Briarbrook subdivision in Carl Junction had significant damage to homes, trees, and power lines. A trailer home was destroyed, but homeowners were able to make it out in time. Deputies, highway patrol troopers, and city personnel are scouring the town to make sure everyone is safe.

“It started out in Galena North of Galena and moved across the Missouri line, and that’s probably the one that hit here. And then we also had some ports of tornadoes that touched down in Alba area as well as Oronogo,” said Randee Kaiser, Jasper County Sheriff.

Kaiser adds the Red Cross will be providing emergency services to those who have been affected by the storms. Residents say it was a scary situation, but add they paid close attention to the forecast. 

“It was absolutely terrifying. I can’t even describe it, it was absolutely terrifying, and we didn’t even take a direct hit at our house, but it was close enough, you know. I think maybe 100-yards away, maximum. So, it was very, very loud, very windy. I just can’t even describe it,” said
Ranee Anderson, Briarbrook resident  in Carl Junction, Mo.

“People make fun of me for being very skeptical and over-reacting to the news, but, today, it saved my family and I. And I’m very grateful for that, and I recommend that anytime you hear these warnings or the meteorologists say, “take cover,” heed those warnings and take notice, because it comes in an instant and it’s gone in an instant, and you don’t have time to react,” said William Gillespie, Briarbrook resident inCarl Junction, Mo.

This video is from Lakeview Lane on the northside of Briarbrook in Carl Junction. A lot of damage to homes, including a roof caving in. There were bulldozers out to clear about a half mile worth of debris on Lakeview Lane. It took over an hour to clear up. No injuries were reported.

A possible tornado leaves behind damage just south of Carl Junction. This is video around Fir Road and Joplin Street, just south of the city. Large trees, limbs, and power lines, as well as numerous homes have damage.

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