Residents in the Miami Tower are evacuating because the building is unsafe


MIAMI, OK – Families are evacuating after a building in Oklahoma is deemed unsafe.

40 Miami residents and 3 businesses spent the day evacuating from Miami Towers.

Today, structural engineers deemed Miami Towers structurally unsafe.

“The suddenness of it is unsettling. 24 hours seems like a relatively short time.” Says Glen Wiford, Serendipity on Route 66.

Miami Towers residents and business owners are packing up their lives after an emergency order was issued Wednesday afternoon to evacuate.

The Miami housing authority owns the building and recently started a multi-million dollar renovation project.

Wednesday structural engineers found significant issues with the support beams on the 107-year-old building.

“Due to the damage to those pillars they deemed the building was not structurally sound for occupancy.” Says Thomas Anderson, Miami Police Chief, Emergency Management Director.

The concerns were primarily focused on the west and northwest concerns of the structure, impacting the building’s fire escape route.

“Right now, engineers are working with a restoration group to restore the building. The immediate plans are to shore up the building to make it safe. And then to restore the building so it is safe for residents.” Anderson says.

The Miami housing authority is placing the 40 remaining residents in temporary housing.

“It’s alright I know they couldn’t help it. They treated me right in the past they always have. So I can’t say anything bad. They’ve always been good to be.” Says Jeb Lindley, Miami Towers Resident.

Residents spent the day packing up their belongings.

“We’ll be able to take most of our groceries and stuff like that. But as long as furniture no. We aren’t going to get that. We’re just taking groceries and some clothes.” Lindley says.

3 businesses on the ground level of the building are also evacuating.

“We are just packing up. I’ve secured a temporary spot. I’m an old codger so it’s kind of unsettling, but life goes on. Things happen, we adjust to it. And God always opens up new doors.” Wiford says.

The engineer says no attached facilities, nor 1st Street were threatened by the issues at Miami Towers.

The 40 Miami Tower residents and 3 businesses have until noon tomorrow to evacuate.

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