Residents are finding different ways to travel during the pandemic


JOPLIN, Mo. — The coronavirus pandemic has influenced many to seek out alternative traveling methods.

Wheelen RV Center in Joplin says this year they have noticed an increase in sales, rentals, and overall interest.

February is usually their peak time for sales.

But their sales have continued to increase in March, April, and into May.

Co-owner, Sherri Wheelen, says she believes this trend is occurring because RV’s allow you to travel without coming close to others.

Sherri Wheelen, Wheelen RV Center, says, “We’re seeing a lot more people wanting to travel, but their definitely wanting to do it by RV instead of getting on an airplane and getting on a cruise ship. So, they’re buying and lots of rental inquires as well.”

Wheelen adds she hopes manufacturers are able to keep up with demand especially with more RV camping sites and parks opening back up.

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