Repairs are to be made soon at the Barton County jail


BARTON COUNTY, MO – The Barton County Jail is closing for much needed repairs.

Tomorrow the Barton County Jail will be transferring its ten inmates to the Cedar County Jail in Stockton.

They will then get an estimate on all the damages.

That includes replacing parts of the walls that have rusted away, replacing security cameras inside jail cells and broken glass that is between the cell and hallway.

The sheriff says right now inmates are able to reach through the broken glass and could possibly grab a hold of corrections officers.

“We are 100% concerned with safety on the inmates behalf and employees behalf. I don’t want inmates getting injured while they’re in jail. If it’s something we can prevent. Same with the staff, we don’t want them put in a situation where they have no defense for themselves.” Says John Simpson, Barton County Sheriff.

The jail will also repair its plumbing.

Right now if water spills out of the showers, the water leaks through the concrete and into the office area of the sheriff’s office.

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