Redistricting should be left up to Kansas government even for political purposes



The Kansas Supreme Courts says redistricting should be left up to state government, even if it’s for political purposes.

Every ten years, after the census is completed, districts for Congress and State Legislatures are redrawn to adjust for population shifts. The case in front of the court said, some elected officials are shifting lines for political reasons and the court ruled that’s up to them. The last time redistricting was completed in Kansas, parties couldn’t come to an agreement so it was decided on by the courts. But some legislators are more optimistic this time around.

“Having a democratic governor and republicans in control of the House and Senate may help the process it may force them to be more bipartisan, whereas ten years ago they couldn’t even come to an agreement.”

Rep. Tom Sawyer, House Minority Leader

Representative Sawyer says when redistricting, the legislature tries to not break up communities of similar interests as well as not moving incumbent legislators.

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