Redings Mill Candy House sold at auction


It was the point of sale for tons of chocolates, jelly beans and toffee. And now the former Redings Mill Candy House is up for auction.

It’s a piece of local history up for sale to the highest bidder.

“The property has been in the market, in our business we call it seasoned,” says Gil Stevens, sale broker.

And the sale attracted some attention.

“We had a couple of bidders and didn’t quite reach the floor,” says Gil Stevens.

Which was $75,000. But the end of the auction wasn’t the end of potential sale.

“Had no intentions of buying it when I came here this morning,” says Weymouth Boyer.

But when Weymouth Boyer found out no one else was interested, he changed his mind.

“I think it was a bargain otherwise we wouldn’t have bought it,” says Boyer.

He’s partnering with his brother in law who grew up nearby.

“They’ve driven by this place and done business here for years – they definitely had in interest in it themselves, kind of a nostalgia deal,” says Boyer.

It’s an effort that will likely start with some renovations.

“It’s not too bad, the guy wouldn’t want to change it too much because it’s been here for years, been known as the Candy House for years. That’s probably what it ought to go back to but we don’t know what we’re going to do with it,” says Weymouth Boyer.

The building had served as the home for what was originally known as Richardson’s for years – but shut down more than two years ago.

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